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FLO.ME.CO Florentine Merchandising Corp - Italian Buying Office

Buying Office in Italy, Flomeco



Our Buying Office started to work assisting customers based in USA and japan in 1981.
We started with Shoes and Handbags and, a year later, other commodities were added.

Our customers can be importers, retailers, department stores or chain stores.
Our service basically consists of a full assistance to buyers before, during and after the purchase is made, with updates on the order progress.

The Buying Office acts as the branch of the overseas client, undertaking these basic functions.

We visit fairs and shows to locate products and factories to achieve the best result for our customers, finalized to find sources with best quality and best price.
We always try to personalize the service according to our customers requirements.

Our assistance continues when we make the quality control. We either spot check the goods or we inspect the entire production and this depends on the agreements with the foreign customer. This has a cost, in particular if we must visit factories far away or abroad. This does not decline the full factory responsibility anyway.

Once goods are ready, after having instructed the factory on bar code, case marking and invoices showing all details, including the appropriate Customs code, we must work in close contact with the forwarding Agent, trying to group several shipment or speed up the process to find the fastest means of transportation at the lowest possible rates.


Contacts:  FLO.ME.CO Florentine Merchandising Corp. Italian Buying Office :: P.IVA - IT. VAT#:05564410487
Phone +39 055 6540342 :: Fax +39 055 610372 :: Mobile +39 335 6254785 :: email


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